Apr 122016

My wife and I were in Japan Town in LA and decided to buy one of those waving cats that the Japanese put in their stores for good luck (sales in my online store were down a bit, and my Chinese wife can be a bit superstitious). We bought a plastic one from China that is battery operated and has a waving hand. It was so cheaply made that there’s no on-off switch, you have to pull out the batteries to stop it.

I set it up in my study and started it waving. It made a little clicking noise, which my wife addressed by putting a paper under it. It might have been my imagination, or coincidence, but sales did start to improve when it was on, and especially when I was sitting in the study with the cat waving. The days after I set it up sales tripled from their previous low.

I occasionally heard my wife yelling or making banging noises during this time, which she sometimes does to scare away crows. After a few days she came in and took away the cat, apologizing and saying that ever since we got it there had been strange noises in the house, which never happened before. She was afraid the cat might be haunted.

She put it back in its box and left the room. We went out later that night and returned to find the cat lying on the front steps of our house – apparently she threw it out the front door to get it out of the house. She picked it up and put it in the garbage can.

Garbage pickup is today, so that’s the end of the cat. I assume there have been no more noises, I’m almost afraid to ask…

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